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CS JOHNSON Architectural Hardware
Rigging Applications C. S. Johnson's complete line of cable fittings has served boaters all over the world. Today, Nance & Underwood is here to help architects utilize the benefits of Johnson's Stainless Hardware by offering assembly service and discount sales. Nance & Underwood has many years experience in assembling wires and rod on sail boats which require the dependability to withstand the harsh saltwater environment. We can assist you with your project on location or via the internet.

There is a wide variety of fittings to choose from, you can choose from Machine Swage, Hand Crimp or Mechanical Terminals.

Machine Swage Terminals

Machine Swage Terminals are attached to the cable by means of a cold forming press. The completed fitting has a smooth uniform appearance and will develop full cable strength. Swaging services can be performed by Nance & Underwood in house or we can supply you with proper swage machines for the do-it-yourselfers. A machine swage fitting is attached to the cable by a swage machine which cold forms the fitting directly to the cable. A swage fitting should not be confused with Hand Crimp fittings or other hand tool applied fittings. A specialized swaging machine is the only way to attach swage fittings to cable. Swage fittings can not be Hand Crimped, welded, glued, hammered or attached to a cable by any other means other than a swage machine.

Hand Crimp Terminals

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Hand Crimp Terminals are available in 1/8" & 3/16" cable only. These fittings are attached to the cable using a simple hand tool which is available through Nance & Underwood, this allows field installation. The completed fitting will provide approximately 65-70% of the 7x7 cable strength. Hand Crimp fittings were first designed and manufactured by C. Sherman Johnson Co., Inc. in 1969. Hand Crimp fittings are attached to the cable with a Johnson-made Hand Crimp Tool. The only other tool that can be used is the National Telephone Supply Co. which we can also supply. Hand Crimp fittings should not be confused with NICO press fittings. NICO press fittings have sleeves that are made from soft copper alloy and compress very easily. All Johnson Hand Crimp fittings are made from stainless steel and can not be swaged, welded, glued, pressed in a vise or with vise grips.

Mechanical Terminals

Mechanical Terminals are available for all cable sizes and are attached with simple hand tools. Mechanical fittings are more expensive than other means of attachment but develop full cable strength. A mechanical fitting is attached to the cable by the fitting compressing the cable with a cone inside the fitting and or the cable. Mechanical fittings are assembled to the cable with simple hand tools. Mechanical fittings are larger in diameter than Swage and Hand Crimp fittings and can be reused with a new cone but carry a hefty price tag.

From the Houston Astrodome, to the AAA Corporate Center, to the U.S. Military and private homes, Johnson Architectural Hardware is the choice of discerning professionals. We look forward to assisting you on your next cable project; please know that Nance & Underwood is here to make your job easier.

Nance & Underwood Rigging and Sails is your source for all of your rigging and sail equipment and services world wide. We can ship rigging and sails gear anywhere. No matter where you are, Nance & Underwood will always be here to assist you. We can arrange the repair of your rigging hardware and/or sails here in our facility. Contact Us today for more information.

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